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3 Printed Marketing Essentials for New Brands and Start-ups

You launched a new brand and are now ready to let people know! 

There are a lot of opportunities to get people excited about your brand with only minimal effort. You can use a few methods to let the marketplace know your product exists: digital marketing (online), in-person marketing (like Costco samples), and print marketing (stickers, signs, wraps, etc.).   

Most of your competitors spend a lot of time and effort on their computers or a Smart Phone to get their brand out there. You've probably already started sharing on Instagram, and may even be thinking about running some boosted posts. You have to spend some money to tell the world about a new brand. Digital marketing is really useful, but you have to keep paying to keep getting results. That may not be the case with physical branded items that DankStarr can print for you. Some of these purchases will produce results for years to come with a comparatively minimal one-time investment. 

Here is the deal, DankStarr is here to help your brand Rise Above the Rest. You can do that through a few no-brainer items.

The three items below placed and positioned properly may produce excellent results for your new brand:

    1. Stickers - hundreds of them, pass them out to everyone! Slap them on everything and everywhere.

      The 3x3 size is our most popular size, also we recommend die-cut stickers for an entirely custom look. Turn anything into a branded item. Some ideas for stickers: make a bunch of folders appear like they were custom printed, give away stickers whenever a customer makes a purchase, and place stickers on the outside of a box for a custom look, on and on. The applications are nearly endless. We have heard many stories from customers through the years about how stickers are what helped their brand come to life.
      Order stickers HERE

    2. Banners - Order yourself a big banner with your brand on it!

      This is a very versatile marketing piece that can be used as follows: at events, on a building, attached to signposts on the street, on a wall, attached to fences, etc. I could keep going on! Order Banners Here

    3. T-Shirts - Let people know your brand means business by bringing it front and center when you see them!

      Launching a new brand is one of the American dreams and it's on you and your crew to represent it anywhere and everywhere you go! T-shirts are a cost-effective way to make this happen. With DankStarr you can order a few to get you up and running and we don't have any setup fees!!! Order T-shirts Here


These three items will help make your brand come to life in front of potential customers! Helping your brand rise above the rest is what we do!