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Stand out at your next trade show or event

So you have a trade show or event coming up. You thought about making some flashy posters yourself, but then quickly realized you want to come across as a little bit more professional than that. Well, you have come to the right place! DankStarr can help you with nearly everything you need to stand out like the pro you are.

This quick article will list out a few items that can help your booth look incredible to your target audience and give you a boost to sell your goods and wares like a boss.

1. Get a massive marquee item, but this specific item should be selected based on if you mainly go to indoor or outdoor events. Or, you can just get them both

  • OUTDOORS- in Invest in a Custom Event Tent - Rise above the rest with a gorgeous custom-made event tent that will protect you from the sun
  • Display your brand high above with vibrant designs for the whole crowd to see! This is an excellent unit that will serve you well at many outdoor events to come. 
  • Order a tent here


  • INDOORS- At indoor trade shows we recommend a Step and Repeat - Branded Custom Indoor Sign with tension fabric. This item will go behind your table for your customers to see.
  • The cool thing about a step and repeat is you can also display it in your office or at other meetings.
    Order a Step and Repeat here

2. Purchase a well-made DankStarr table throw - Table throws cover the scratches and marks on any table and look really professional. Not only do they display well, but all the boxes and merch in your booth can be hidden from customer view.

3. Stickers of course - People love your brand and want to spread the love. You can never have too many stickers. PRO TIP- get a bunch of different types, sizes and finishes! Get some glow in the dark, some glitter, some circles, etc!!!
Cracked ice, glitter, decals stickers

  • Seriously though, the cracked ice finish is awesome! Also, the glow in the dark finish is remarkable. Think outside the box, and your customers will love it! Give the people something new!
  • Order stickers here


Note: The cover image of this article is courtesy of the awesome people over at check them out!